"Grab the Shorts" tv

Client: Valley Radiology

The TV spot was part of a multi-media campaign (see DIGITAL), created to promote the varicose and spider vein treatments offered by specialists at Valley Radiology. The creative concept for this spot brought the shorts to life to emphasize how Valley Radiology can improve the look of your legs so you feel confident, look better and want to “grab the shorts” this summer.

Multiple Campaigns

Client: Fayetteville Public Works Commission

For PWC – Fayetteville’s municipal utility company that provides electricity, water and sewer service – Hodges has written, developed and overseen production for several TV campaigns that promote conservation.

“Guy Wire”

These TV spots parody the film noir genre and Garrison Keillor’s public radio character, Guy Noir. PWC’s own film-noir detective, Guy Wire, (a fitting name for the company that powers Fayetteville) instructs by example, as he uncovers clues to show a beautiful dame how she can stop wasting water and electricity.   

Illustration meets Person-ification

These colorful spots feature a sophisticated technique used in movies, TV shows (such as Blues Clues) and commercials, where live actors interact with illustrated props and backgrounds. Flexible and fun, this technique allowed our art department to create the “perfect” setting for each of the spots – which offered tips for water conversation, indoors and out, and for saving electricity, in summer and winter. The actors are “just people” – strategically selected to convey that everyone can conserve. And we know these commercials are getting noticed, as our actors have even been hailed in community by their “screen names.” Parallel print ads (using “still shots” from the TV) and radio commercials were also produced.

Captain C

No, he can’t leap tall buildings in single bound, but Captain C (for Conservation) can help reduce the distressing amount water and electricity we waste every day. In “The Adventures of Captain C,” kids – who adopt the cause of Captain C (played by PWC’s well-known water-conservation mascot, Willy Water Drop, turned superhero) – show kids what they can do to conserve.


New Product Videos

Client: Apex Tool Group

For the Apex Tool Group, Hodges writes and oversees production for product demonstration videos. As Apex, one of the world’s largest tool producers, continues to expand and upgrade its product line, Hodges continues to produce the videos that introduce and promote new or featured products.  These professionally-produced instructional videos highlight the products’ unique features and advantages. Videos are displayed at trade shows, posted on the Apex website and used in other ways to promote products to distributors and end users.  [See PRINT]

New Development - Special Promotion TV

Client: The Cottages at North Ramsey

This fun spot highlights the “good life” at The Cottages at North Ramsey – showing the beautiful cottage-style homes and contrasting the development’s maintenance-free living with weekends spent sweating over the lawn. What better way to illustrate how nice it would be to take advantage of this promotion: for those who signed a new home contract, The Cottages would mow their lawns for them, and they could start enjoying the pool and poolside comfort even before they moved in. The spot features Hodges’ own Chuck Smith (Vice President) in the starring role of “Jack.”

"Things You Can Recycle" Radio Spots

Client: City of Fayetteville

These 60-second radio spots accompanied print ads, as part of The City of Fayetteville’s campaign to encourage widespread recycling and educate people about some of the less well-known items that can be recycled. The print ads make reference to avoiding Mother Nature’s wrath by recycling. In the radio, she plays an even stronger, “guilt-trip” role – narrating the spots in her best schoolmarm voice. The spots focus on wrapping paper, cardboard paper rolls and aluminum foil, and they end by directing people to the City’s website for a complete list of things that can be recycled. [See PRINT]

Movie Theatre Ads

Client: The Richardson Firm

On-screen ads in movie theatres, preceding the main feature, provide an excellent way to reach a “captive” audience. For the attorneys at The Richardson Firm, we created a campaign designed to boost their image and bolster market share in the highly competitive market for legal services. The campaign featured powerful headlines and dramatic graphics (also used in print ads and billboards), which we knew would also be effective in getting the attention of moviegoers and making the firm’s name “top-of-mind.”  [See OUTDOOR]