Annual Reports

Client: Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County

The reach of this organization goes far beyond art exhibits and cultural events. As the primary steward of public and private funding for local arts, culture and history related activities, the Arts Council awards grants and administers programs in partnership with area agencies to stimulate community development through the arts. Hodges support for the Council includes producing their Annual Reports. These valuable and comprehensive publications provide a yearly account of the Council’s activities for donors, members, sponsors and funding partners. In addition, they are used as year-long promotional pieces to educate, build awareness and garner support for the Arts Council.

Customer Newsletter

Client: Cavin's Business Solutions

For Cavin’s – a supplier of office equipment, maintenance and unique business services for clients throughout eastern North Carolina – Hodges helped them launch a quarterly publication named “BizFeed.” The newsletter was implemented as part of a content marketing strategy, designed to make Cavins top-of-mind among current and potential clients by keeping them informed of the latest industry products, services and tips.

"Always On" Campaign

Client: Fayetteville/Cumberland County Arts Council


For the Fayetteville/Cumberland County Arts Council, we created a multi-faceted campaign – with the theme Fayetteville is “Always On” – to promote the area’s dynamic arts, culture and rich history. Based on this theme, we created print ads – and used similar copy in an annual cultural arts guide – to convey the message that Fayetteville “thrives.” Action-oriented headlines, powerful in their simplicity, show how Fayetteville “creates,” “blooms,” “performs,” “honors,” etc., as the copy highlights what this area has to offer in the arts, nature, drama, music and history. “Tipped into” Fayetteville’s popular CityView magazine, the cultural arts guide could be pulled out and kept for reference. Additional copies were given for distribution to the Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Center and other venues such as local theatres, performance halls and museums. (See SPECIALTY)

Recycle and Proper Waste Disposal Campaigns

Client: City of Fayetteville

In their efforts to encourage widespread recycling, the City wanted an ad campaign that focused on items – other than “the usuals” – that can be recycled. They wanted the campaign to be fun … to be something people talked about (and it is).  With attention-getting headlines and graphics – and references to avoiding Mother Nature’s wrath – the tongue-in-cheek copy lets people know they can recycle wrapping paper, cardboard paper rolls and aluminum foil.  (See OUTDOOR and BROADCAST)

The City makes it easy for residents to dispose of all kinds of waste with excellent curbside pick-up services. But they want to be sure people are aware of what they need to do. Using the sharp-witted, multi-colored “Can It” icon as the headline, we developed a series of ads highlighting proper “procedures,” including the fact that City-issued roll-out carts are colored-coded for various types of waste.  (See OUTDOOR and SPECIALTY)

Direct Mail Campaign

Client: Cavin's Business Solutions

When Cavin’s marked their 50th year of providing office equipment and business services for customers throughout southeastern N.C., it was a perfect opportunity to boost awareness and promote new sales. We created a series of direct-mail postcards highlighting how – like fashion over the decades – office products have evolved (and Cavin’s has kept pace), but, more importantly, their commitment to outstanding customer service and technical support has never wavered.

Trade Journal Ad

Client: House of Raeford

House of Raeford is one the nation’s largest producers of chicken and turkey. When we recommended that they redesign their packaging for consumer poultry products, we knew that enhancing their products’ appeal for customers would also be a “selling point” for the retailers who stock these products.  Hodges was responsible for the package redesign, and following the launch of these newly-packaged products, we developed this ad emphasizing the “sell-thru” power of package design. The ad was placed in popular publications read by decision-makers in the supermarket/retail industry.  (See SPECIALTY)

New Product Ads

Client: Apex Tool Group

These ads for Apex Tool Group products are designed to run in trade journals targeting distributors/retailers, as well as publications read by potential end-users. With headlines as crafty as the products themselves – and look-what-this-can-do details – the ads make users wonder how they ever lived without these products and “sellers” eager to stock up. When Apex joined the Hodges’ client roster, we gained even more “big names.”  One of the largest worldwide producers of hand and power tools, the Apex Group’s products encompass more than 30 leading brands, including well known names such as Lufkin®, Crescent®, Wiss®, Armstrong, Allen and GearWrench. (See BROADCAST)


Client: North Carolina Veterans Park

Fayetteville was proud to be selected as the site for the N.C. Veterans Park. And Hodges was proud that we were chosen to provide their marketing support. To help “introduce” this historic new attraction – where visitors can share the moving tribute of a grateful state, honoring those to whom our nation owes its freedom – we created this poster, featuring a stunning overhead view of the Park at sunset. Posters were placed in prime locations targeting visitors, including Welcome Centers along major highways throughout North Carolina.

Healthcare Ad Campaign

Client: Valley Radiology

Targeting a two-pronged audience – prospective patients and referring/consulting physicians – Fayetteville-based Valley Radiology wanted to convey the message that their full range of imaging services includes advanced expertise in radiology subspecialties. To capture attention and reinforce the concept, we developed this light-hearted campaign using the headline “Who Do You Want Reading Your Images” with “alternate characters” relating to each field – for example, a “Rib Shack” employee for orthopaedics. On a serious note, the ads highlighted the advanced imaging technologies and procedures offered for cardiovascular, women’s health, orthopaedic and neurological radiology.

Sales/Marketing Brochure

Client: Morganton Management & Development

When developers Morganton Management & Development launched plans to build Addison Ridge – an upscale apartment community, unlike any other in Fayetteville – they turned to Hodges Associates for marketing support. In addition to designing the logo, business cards and other materials (see CORPORATE IDENTITY), we created the all-important sales brochure used to market the community to potential tenants, rental agents and others. With stunning photos, crisp design and inviting copy, the brochure centers around the theme that when you live at Addison Ridge, “good living” doesn’t end at the door of your artistically-designed apartment. The pool with exquisite surroundings, state-of-the-art fitness center, plush “private” theatre and many other amenities are all yours … as part of your Addison Ridge home.