Vehicle Sign "Wraps" and Outdoor Signage

Client: Cavin's Business Solutions

After we updated the look of Cavin’s logo and signage, we took the show on the road, creating the artwork that allowed their “image” to be prominently displayed on their service/delivery vehicles.  The vehicles serve as rolling reminders of who to call for office products and service. Increased visibility is especially important in areas where Cavin’s has expanded their services in recent years. We also created signs for their office locations.

Product Demonstration Van & Showbooth

Client: ESAB

When ESAB, one of the world’s largest producers of welding and cutting equipment, launched their mobile product demonstration program, we made sure – with striking graphics – that when the van rolled into town, it reflected the fact that this company is a global leader, and the products you’re about to see are top-of-the-line.

We also created a showbooth for ESAB – highlighting their comprehensive product line – that’s used at major industrial trade shows and other events.

Truck Decals

Client: City of Fayetteville

With the colorful “Can It” decals we provided for these City vehicles, it hardly seems appropriate to call them “garbage trucks”!  Roving through the streets of Fayetteville, these decals reinforce the City’s campaign to encourage residents to “follow the rules” for disposing of their household trash, yard waste and recyclable materials. (See PRINT and OUTDOOR)

Product Packaging

Client: House of Raeford

House of Raeford grew from a small family business to become one of the nation’s largest producers of chicken and poultry.  Now that their products were competing side-by-side with other major brands in supermarket cases across the nation, we felt their packaging needed to stand out. Before beginning the redesign, we conducted market research, which determined factors such as color preferences and the fact that poultry should be visible to the consumer. The redesigned packaging is making sure people know that House of Raeford is “in the house” – and influencing their decision to bring these products home to theirs.  (See PRINT)

Retractable Banners

Client: Fayetteville/Cumberland County Arts Council

Part of the Arts Council’s “Always On” campaign, promoting the arts, culture and rich history in the Fayetteville area, these banners stand tall and proud. “Mobile” and retractable, they can easily be moved around and placed individually at a location that relates to the banner subject – or all together for festivals and special events.