Public Awareness Billboards

Client: City of Fayetteville

The City of Fayetteville offers resident-friendly waste disposal service, including curbside pick-up of household trash, yard waste and recyclables.  They sought our expertise to develop two campaigns. And these billboards reinforce the campaign messages conveyed in other media.

One campaign was designed to help make sure people do “can” their waste and do so properly (using the right containers, etc.).  With this catchy theme and artful design, two words and colorful graphics say it all – Can It!  (See PRINT and SPECIALTY)

Another campaign promotes recycling. The logo conveys the message that recycling keeps things that can have a “second life” out of landfills (protecting nature), while encouraging people to make recycling “second nature.”  (See BROADCAST and PRINT)

Name Awareness Billboard Series

Client: The Richardson Firm

Seen one lawyer ad … seen them all?  Not so fast, if you haven’t seen The Richardson Firm’s new campaign!  Faced with strong competition, the firm wanted to bolster their market share in all areas of legal services, so they turned to Hodges. We developed a multi-media campaign that includes these billboards. Potential clients are taking notice of the dramatic graphics and equally powerful concept – that just wishing or relying on luck won’t get you the results you want or deserve, but experienced attorneys can.   (See PRINT)

"We're Here" Billboard

Client: ZipQuest

Outdoor advertising felt right “at home” for this client whose business is outdoor adventures. ZipQuest offers zipline tours high above nature’s splendor, and they wanted people to know that this exciting new what-to-do attraction had zipped into Fayetteville. Billboards offered an ideal medium. Strategically placed along major, high-traffic corridors, they got attention!  Data shows that a high percentage of people visiting the ZipQuest website for information, or to book a tour, did so because they had seen the billboards.

Name Awareness Billboard

Client: Hinkamp Jewelers

Sometimes, diamonds are an ad agency’s best friend! Hinkamp has been a trusted name in the Fayetteville area market since 1955, but they were facing increasing competition, particularly from “big box” stores. As part of our overall marketing campaign to maintain and increase their sales, we included billboards. And when it came to graphics, we figured the client’s stunning products (dramatically highlighted against a black background) would speak for themselves.  We developed the theme “Good Things Happen with Hinkamp” – used throughout their advertising – to convey the point that their beautiful jewelry and the personalized service they provide make holidays and momentous occasions more special.