March 17, 2015

FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville Tech is now home to a “one of a kind” program that combines education and industry. A collision repair center opened on Wednesday.

For Jonathan Stender, this new opportunity is a dream come true, a dream he has had since a young age.

“I love cars, I have always wanted to work on cars. I am really good with my hands. I am not very good with sitting in classrooms, so I knew this was for me and I have been more than happy with it,” said Jonathan Stender, FTCC student.

The new repair and refinishing center at Fayetteville Tech will train students to fix wrecked cars in a two year program. Gov. McCrory says opportunities like this for former service members is crucial.

“Fayetteville is the centerpiece of the changing market conditions combined with the talent coming out of the military, and to see about two thirds of these graduates who are military veterans is exactly what we need, and I am using the military veteran as a recruitment tool to recruit new industry to North Carolina,” said McCrory.

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